Organized for Success – Fall 2016 Sessions now open!

Organized for Success (OFS) series is now open for registration.


Learn how to:

1. Stay FOCUSED and on task despite today’s increasing distractions.

2. Be RESILIENT and CALM under pressure; effective with your time.

3. Strengthen DISCIPLINE and HABITS for better impulse control.


– a personalized action plan and compelling accountability to follow through more thoroughly.

– key neuroscience  to understand why you do what you do and proven tools for durable habit change.

– powerful in-person, small group confidential coaching to strengthen self-discipline and confidence, especially useful for those making tough decisions and in leadership roles.

Become even more effective as you discover your untapped potential.

Led by award-winning facilitator Sue Drinnan MSc (neuroscience), certified executive coach, author and leadership effectiveness consultant. Series designed with psychiatrists and psychologists to provide the very best of neuroscience, education, practice and support ORGANIZED FOR SUCCESS workshop.

Specialty workshops will be offered at a future time (Women’s only, Start-ups, Middle Managers, etc).


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