What is the Wisdom Collective Series?

The Wisdom collective is a program of three-hour meetings in Vancouver with matched peers facilitated by a Certified Executive Coach committed to helping you achieve your goals much more easily and effectively than on your own.  Pivotal conversations and feedback will bring more clarity, perspectives, support and practical solutions to the complex leadership challenges you face as your responsibilities and work scope increase.

It’s about your leadership, your personal style, your legacy, your life.

The structure of the series will provide you with:

• an informed and confidential sounding board of seasoned leaders

• fresh approaches and new tools for demanding leadership issues

• direct and supportive feedback

This series is for you if you want:

• executive coaching to prepare for upcoming challenges

• to enhance your leadership style and effectiveness

• accountability to your own goals and values


The Groups


Alder GroupCedar GroupSpruce GroupDesigned for individuals motivated to getting traction on a personal goal such as:• Better time management• Balancing life-work responsibilities• Strengthening an attribute such as assertiveness, listening, tact or confidence• Self care (losing weight, stress management, eating healthier, etc)• Preparing for a career change• Handling important life transitions with graceIncrease clarity on priorities and improve life balance by committing to taking the needed actions for the outcomes you want. Use collective courage to develop the stronger, healthier habits that will make your lifestyle shift more durable and sustainable no matter what future stressors lay ahead.Designed for senior managers and leaders who supervise staff seeking leadership excellence in the workplace such as:• Transitioning from a tactical to a strategic role• Enhancing your leadership presence to be more engaging and motivating• 360 Development Plan implementation• Tuning your habits and style to strengthen working team culture and climate• Strengthening your leadership and ability to inspire and engage others.• Deciding consciously when to say no in order to say yes to something more importantGain confidence and effectiveness as you prepare to step into your next leadership role.  Get feedback, new solutions and inspiration to define a course of action and leverage group courage to achieve it.Designed for strategic executives/directors who manage managers and want to become more effective at:• Finding the balance between the strategic and the tactical elements of your role• Managing particularly difficult managers and teams• Preparing to prioritise increasing demands and increasing expectations• Addressing choices, changes and challenges more mindfully and with emotional intelligenceNo human can do it all, so what is the best way to handle competing values and priorities?  This is the advisory board that can help with sticky decisions and situations.  Benefit from others’ hard-earned experience, make better decisions, focus and implement your plan and realize new insights you could never have achieved alone.  The sage counsel of other seasoned leaders cannot be generated by an individual alone: this is time very well invested.


Since 2003 The Wisdom Collective has provided executive coaching (team and 1:1), custom workshops on topics including conflict resolution, emotional intelligence, workplace culture and climate, and strategic change management.