I believe that everybody can change, if they want to.

People are capable of amazing things, good and bad.  When we find out the beliefs, fears and hopes that we and others hold, we can see how a behaviour (no matter how irrational) makes sense from the owner’s emotional plane.


Sue Drinnan

Sue Drinnan MSc (Neurosc) helps strategic leaders and their teams to work even more effectively together.  She brings clarity to her client’s purpose, priorities and leadership presence which establish a more stress-hardy, engaged and effective workplace culture.


Leveraging powerful tools such as award winning facilitation (50X ROI), executive coaching, emotional intelligence and conflict resolution, she helps leaders overcome immunity to change and to measurably improve how they bring out the best in both themselves and those they lead.


Sue has coached many senior executives in multi-billion dollar enterprises, won the prestigious International Coach Federation PRISM Award (Organisational Effectiveness), Top Speaker awards and been nominated for the Most Influential Women in Business Award.


Her specialities include coaching abrasive leaders, strengthening leader and team resilience and organisational effectiveness.  She is a co- author of Leadership: HOTS (Helping Others To Succeed, in print) and leadership development simulations, co-edited the International Journal of Coaching in Organisations and is a director on several boards.  She founded both The Parent`s Promise and Growing Food Friendships and Flowers, speaks numerous languages, is a graduate of UBC, SFU, RRU and JIBC and remains very fit as an ex-world class Team Canada athlete.


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Sue speaks 4 languages and was on Team Canada for 3 years (cycling, road), raced the Tour de France, placed 4th in the Canadian Telemark Ski Nationals, and supported Team Canada at the Barcelona Paralympics (tandem captain).  She was Chef d'Equipe for Nordic Ski events at the 2010 Olympic Games in Whistler, Canada.  Sue stays fit with her husband and 2 boys in Vancouver, Canada.




My Promise

I am gutsy, caring, non-judgmental and  honest.  I  will tell you what I see and hear.  I tread the line between empathy and fearlessness, so brace yourself to be challenged on your perspectives and assumptions.


Neuroscience research has shown that our brains are undeniably plastic and that nothing is as strong as a made up mind.   It can even alter reality for the owner.



Decide what you want and I will help you get there.


If you don’t know what you want yet, that’s important.  Urgency sometime requires us to slow -w-a-y- down and step into our own pocket of stillness.  So we can be quiet and give our mind what it needs to do what it does best.